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an update

Oy. I don't like being pregnant. It's all messy, bloody and moody. If I don't love my hubby to pieces, I wouldn't have carried his second child at all! So he better treats me like a Queen!

But I gotta admit he's being extra nice to me lately. <3 <3 <3 He volunteers to do almost all of the housework and picks Saki up from school when I don't feel too well.

Saki said she wants a tiny blond brother doll like Momi-chan. I have spent quite a bit of time explaining to her that Momi-chan and the upcoming baby aren't dollies. Besides, there's no chance in hell that the kid is going to be blond. None whatsoever. So yeah. ^_^ She doesn't seem to understand though.

I hope Saki will get along with her little brother or sister ... the last thing we need is sibling rivalry between the two kids.

Maybe it isn't too late to go to work yet ...
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