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Hello, my wonderful fans out there!

Long time no update! ^_^

I've been busy having fun with Tetsuya and making babies in the bedroom, so excuse me for not posting more often! You know, seeing the baby son of my wonderful bandmate (who is currently in Canada, or so I've heard. He'll get a good lesson from me once he comes back about leaving without notice) makes me feel nostalgic. My Saki-chan is still my little girl, but I think she's growing bigger as I speak.

So yeah ... that's the reason why I hadn't updated too often lately. I'm ... pre-occupied. ^_^

Anyway, I went to buy another bottle of purple hair dye with Saki at a supermarket today. At the checkout, the middle-aged cashier started chit chatting with me.

Her: Hey, you are that Ukai Noriko from Nettle Grasper right?
Me: Mmm, do you want a signature?
Her: When's the next baby due?
Me: Baby? What baby?
Her: *shoots a quick look at my waist and my un-tugged oversized t-shirt* Err ... I thought you're expecting one soon ...
Me: No, I'm not ... ~_~
Her: sorry ...
Me: *fumes*

Hey, don't assume I'm pregnant when I'm not pregnant YET!!! Grr!!!

And we're Nittle Grasper, not Nettle Grasper, damnit!

If anyone dares to call us by the other nickname that we have, I'll have to kill them.
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