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Long time no post!

Concerts are still going well. I'd love to say nothing major happened, but I accidentally let slip that I want to meet my Mom after years of separation during a TV interview the other day. Oops. But they kept asking Ryu-chan stupid questions ... isn't it getting a bit too old?

I think I've successfully diverted the interviewer's attention to myself though. She kept asking why I left my Mom in the first place. I didn't know how to answer the questions without giving away too much, thankfully Tohma took over and saved the day again. Yeah for Tohma!!! ^^

They are broadcasting that interview tonight, and I doubt they will censor the part about me babbling about my Mom. ^^;;; I really should learn to look before I leap - let's make it into a goal to accomplish before I die kind of thing. Yeah! What a goal!!!


Actually, I'm very nervous right now. Can you tell? I'm not sure if she would watch the interview or not (I dunno if she's even alive), but ...

I think I shouldn't get my hope too high.

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