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mom ...

Ryu-chan told me that Tatsuha-kun's father had basically, kicked him away from home and disowned him. I feel so sorry for the poor boy. I hope everything will work out at the end.

I had a similar experience when I was in high school. Well, maybe not so similar since I never even knew the face of my father (he passed away when I was like three years old). That probably explained my preference over older men. I never had a father figure during my childhood.

My mom and I used to be quite close when I was a little girl - we only had each other to rely on, after all. Then I hit puberty. You know how it usually goes - rebellion and disobedience from the child and all that. Every time I went home, we would always get into fights about nothing in particular. Oh, my purple hair ALWAYS managed to get me into deep trouble. Dying your hair was still considered a big no-no back then. (Oops. I let slip how OLD I am now.)

Then I started dating my teacher; soon we were both expelled from school. Mom had tried to figure out what exactly was wrong with me - but being the stubborn girl I was, I kept my mouth firmly shut about my indecent relationship. She got mad, and we had the biggest fight ever, which ended up with me walking away from my home, swearing that I would never come back again. I was VERY foolish back then.

The rest was history. I crashed with Ryu-chan for a while after him and Tohma broke up ;_;, and I met my husband soon afterwards.

Looking at Saki right now, I can't say I didn't regret my decision. I'd be absolutely heartbroken if Saki decided to leave me forever when she grows up. Now I'm a mother myself, I can start seeing things from my mom's point of view.

Sigh. I want to see my mother again, if I can. I don't even know if my mom is still alive or not - I haven't seen her since then. She might not want to see her selfish daughter again anyway. I wonder if she would be happy for me, since now I have a loving family? Maybe she thinks that I don't deserve this kind of happiness.

I'd love to let Saki and her meet each other one day.
I can only dream though. :\

I know that the situation of Tatsuha-kun is VERY different from mine, so I shouldn't talk as if I understood. But ... sometimes I wish I could re-live my high school life.
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