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Thanks for the get well wish from my fans. I feel a little bit better now. ^__^ I wasted most of my vacation lying in bed, trying to recover from the illness. Sigh. But I enjoyed spending time with my family.

Since I was bored, I read some of the books that Tetsuya bought for my reading pleasure in my sick bed. One of them was Yuki Eiri's novel "COOL." I was kind of curious why everyone was praising him and all that. I was sure that he sold his books by his look. Guess I shouldn't judge a book by its cover ... I hate it when people assume that I can't play keyboard well just because I have pretty purple hair.

That guy can write ... O.o

I have no idea what the heck a transparent writing style meant (as the critics call it), but I kind of liked his stories. His romance was tear-jerking. (not that I cried over it, mind you.)

And I kind of enjoyed his explicit bedroom scenes too ...

Um I guess maybe I should keep an eye out for his next novel ...

No, I'm not turning into a fan of Yuki Eiri. Absolutely not.

I'm just an fair-minded woman who admires talent when I spot it, even though I may not get on well with the said person. That's all. *nods*
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