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an update [17 Apr 2003|12:00pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Oy. I don't like being pregnant. It's all messy, bloody and moody. If I don't love my hubby to pieces, I wouldn't have carried his second child at all! So he better treats me like a Queen!

But I gotta admit he's being extra nice to me lately. <3 <3 <3 He volunteers to do almost all of the housework and picks Saki up from school when I don't feel too well.

Saki said she wants a tiny blond brother doll like Momi-chan. I have spent quite a bit of time explaining to her that Momi-chan and the upcoming baby aren't dollies. Besides, there's no chance in hell that the kid is going to be blond. None whatsoever. So yeah. ^_^ She doesn't seem to understand though.

I hope Saki will get along with her little brother or sister ... the last thing we need is sibling rivalry between the two kids.

Maybe it isn't too late to go to work yet ...

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Guess what? [31 Mar 2003|10:14am]
[ mood | excited ]

The test result is positive!

Tetsuya, see, we can do it after all!

Saki-chan is going to have a little brother or sister in 6-7 months!


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Hello, my wonderful fans out there! [28 Feb 2003|05:43pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Long time no update! ^_^

I've been busy having fun with Tetsuya and making babies in the bedroom, so excuse me for not posting more often! You know, seeing the baby son of my wonderful bandmate (who is currently in Canada, or so I've heard. He'll get a good lesson from me once he comes back about leaving without notice) makes me feel nostalgic. My Saki-chan is still my little girl, but I think she's growing bigger as I speak.

So yeah ... that's the reason why I hadn't updated too often lately. I'm ... pre-occupied. ^_^

Anyway, I went to buy another bottle of purple hair dye with Saki at a supermarket today. At the checkout, the middle-aged cashier started chit chatting with me.

Her: Hey, you are that Ukai Noriko from Nettle Grasper right?
Me: Mmm, do you want a signature?
Her: When's the next baby due?
Me: Baby? What baby?
Her: *shoots a quick look at my waist and my un-tugged oversized t-shirt* Err ... I thought you're expecting one soon ...
Me: No, I'm not ... ~_~
Her: sorry ...
Me: *fumes*

Hey, don't assume I'm pregnant when I'm not pregnant YET!!! Grr!!!

And we're Nittle Grasper, not Nettle Grasper, damnit!

If anyone dares to call us by the other nickname that we have, I'll have to kill them.

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[26 Jan 2003|10:39pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Tohma and Ryu-chan is fighting again. >_<

I wanted to find out what was wrong with the two of them, but Ryu-chan just would't tell me over the phone. Something to do with Tatsuha-kun ...

I still couldn't reach Tohma. He had turned off his cell-phone. I called Mika-san instead, and she said he hadn't returned home for several days already. She said she had some ideas about what was going on, but she sounded skeptical, so I didn't push the issues any further.

However, even if it is Tohma, I won't forgive anyone who makes Ryu-chan cry! >_< He had better shows up for work tomorrow and explains himself, or he'll wish he has NEVER been born!

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Okay, something is definitely wrong with Tohma ... [21 Jan 2003|04:18pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I know he's tired after the court case with Ryu-chan. I know he over-worries about some people - like that Yuki Eiri, for example. (no comment on that man whatsover)

But why should he fire Maiko-chan when the poor girl has done absolutely NOTHING wrong?

Odd. Definitely odd. Tohma is strict, but he's usually very fair.

I think I need to have a serious talk with him soon.

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O.O [17 Jan 2003|01:04pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I found Tohma hiding in a broom closet during lunch today.

What the hell is wrong with him? Is he turning into a Sakano?

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[22 Dec 2002|07:14pm]
Ryu-chan always gives us such fright with his forgetfulness. But who can blame him though? We love him all the same! ^__^ Happy birthday, Tatsuha-kun! I'm glad you enjoyed our little last-minute performance!

You lucky lover boy you! ^_~

I'm going to start enjoying my holiday and I won't be back to work until january. ^_^ Too many social calls and parties to attend, and I still haven't bought presents for my family!

Merry Christmas (or whatever festival you are celebrating) to all of you!!! ^_^

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Hello world!!! [16 Dec 2002|01:15am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Yeah, I know, I haven't updated for ages! But the past two weeks have been one of the happiest time in my life!!! (ok, I was very happy too when I married Tetsuya, but this is a different types of happiness)

Remember I blurted out on TV about wanting to meet my Mom? Well, she came to our last concert in Tokyo to watch me perform. Of course I didn't know that until I got back to the backstage, but she was waiting for me in the changing room.

My mom looked the same to me, but she looked so much older at the same time. It was such a hard feeling to explain. I just can't. I'm going to quote what Ryu-chan says, "it's like you haven't eaten ice-cream for ages, and you just miss it so much that you don't remember what it tastes like anymore no da! But you start remembering once you see it again! But it tastes different from what you remember!" Well, it doesn't make sense? That's my Ryu-chan for ya. But it makes perfect sense to me!

Ok, anyway, the first thing my Mom did was to pull me into a hug. For a very long time.

Then she slapped me.

By the time I recovered from the shock of seeing her/being hugged/being slapped, I found the two of us crying and trying to speak at the same time, and we couldn't hear a word what each other was saying since we were so loud and our voice echoed in the room.

Then we started laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world. Don't ask, like mother, like daughter, and I am just as weird as her. However, I knew that everything was going to be fine between her and me after this. Sure, we still have a lot of things that we need to sort out first, but we love each other. Everything is going to be all right, I just know it.

I'm planning to buy a house for Mom near mine, so I can go visit her more often. That's the least I could do for her. I'm glad that Saki and "Granny" gets along well.

It's the best feeling in the world- to recover something you thought you have lost before. I'm just overwhelmed with gratefulness. I'm so happy that I kiss and hug everyone in sight! I think I freaked out the guys at work. They must think I suddenly develop a crush on them or something. =P Blah! NEVER!!! Since when I'm interested in anyone under the age of 50 anyway!!!

We got so quiet at work after the concerts were over. I think we should throw another party again! ^.^ The one Tohma arranged for last Christmas was elegant and tasteful, but I want a crazily fun one this year! ^__^

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[19 Nov 2002|06:18am]
[ mood | mixed. nervous, mostly ]

Long time no post!

Concerts are still going well. I'd love to say nothing major happened, but I accidentally let slip that I want to meet my Mom after years of separation during a TV interview the other day. Oops. But they kept asking Ryu-chan stupid questions ... isn't it getting a bit too old?

I think I've successfully diverted the interviewer's attention to myself though. She kept asking why I left my Mom in the first place. I didn't know how to answer the questions without giving away too much, thankfully Tohma took over and saved the day again. Yeah for Tohma!!! ^^

They are broadcasting that interview tonight, and I doubt they will censor the part about me babbling about my Mom. ^^;;; I really should learn to look before I leap - let's make it into a goal to accomplish before I die kind of thing. Yeah! What a goal!!!


Actually, I'm very nervous right now. Can you tell? I'm not sure if she would watch the interview or not (I dunno if she's even alive), but ...

I think I shouldn't get my hope too high.

taking online quiz didn't help smoothing my nerve, but hey, I'm trying!Collapse )

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For Ryu-chan [08 Nov 2002|03:45pm]
[ mood | worried ]

If you see this entry, please give me a call as soon as possible. If not, I'll see you again during concert time. Is everything ok?

Damn those media who spread nothing but untruthful rumours. I went to the NG building to fetch my backup keyboard today - and I bet you all knew what I saw AGAIN camping outside. T_T

Seriously, aren't they tired of this little game of theirs?

I think I need to buy yet another new keyboard. They break too easily. Tohma and Suguru-kun, do yours break this often?

All I did was swing mine around a bit (I think I "accidentally" hit some people's heads, oops), and ... seriously, they're too fragile. What were keyboards made of anyway, tofu?!? ~_~

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mom ... [04 Nov 2002|01:26pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Ryu-chan told me that Tatsuha-kun's father had basically, kicked him away from home and disowned him. I feel so sorry for the poor boy. I hope everything will work out at the end.

I had a similar experience when I was in high school. Well, maybe not so similar since I never even knew the face of my father (he passed away when I was like three years old). That probably explained my preference over older men. I never had a father figure during my childhood.

My mom and I used to be quite close when I was a little girl - we only had each other to rely on, after all. Then I hit puberty. You know how it usually goes - rebellion and disobedience from the child and all that. Every time I went home, we would always get into fights about nothing in particular. Oh, my purple hair ALWAYS managed to get me into deep trouble. Dying your hair was still considered a big no-no back then. (Oops. I let slip how OLD I am now.)

Then I started dating my teacher; soon we were both expelled from school. Mom had tried to figure out what exactly was wrong with me - but being the stubborn girl I was, I kept my mouth firmly shut about my indecent relationship. She got mad, and we had the biggest fight ever, which ended up with me walking away from my home, swearing that I would never come back again. I was VERY foolish back then.

The rest was history. I crashed with Ryu-chan for a while after him and Tohma broke up ;_;, and I met my husband soon afterwards.

Looking at Saki right now, I can't say I didn't regret my decision. I'd be absolutely heartbroken if Saki decided to leave me forever when she grows up. Now I'm a mother myself, I can start seeing things from my mom's point of view.

Sigh. I want to see my mother again, if I can. I don't even know if my mom is still alive or not - I haven't seen her since then. She might not want to see her selfish daughter again anyway. I wonder if she would be happy for me, since now I have a loving family? Maybe she thinks that I don't deserve this kind of happiness.

I'd love to let Saki and her meet each other one day.
I can only dream though. :\

I know that the situation of Tatsuha-kun is VERY different from mine, so I shouldn't talk as if I understood. But ... sometimes I wish I could re-live my high school life.

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[26 Oct 2002|02:12am]
[ mood | shocked ]

Our concerts are going wonderfully well. So well that I started to get a little bit bored ...

Mika-san, look what I found online ...

OOC: explicit yuri, people. Don't read if you don't like this kind of stuff. *glomp Suguru-mun*


Oh mine.




Tetsuya!!! You're the only one for me, honestly!!!

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[19 Oct 2002|11:45pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

This guy's has an ego the size of Jupiter. He thinks that everyone wants a piece of him. Blah. I can't believe someone can be so full of himself.

Tetsuya and I don't need any "aid" in our bedroom, thank you. -__- Nor did I write any silly fan mail anonymously. If I indeed decide to write anyone a fan mail, I would not be afraid to use my real name. Even though the receiver may die from excitement and happiness because it's coming from ME, the famous Nittle Grasper keyboardist.

Heh. Should get ready for concert tomorrow. I have my ways to get there. Tatsuha-kun, for your information, your precious Ryu-chan is one of those "losers", as you just called us. >_<

My Tetsuya is waiting for me. Good night.

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[19 Oct 2002|02:52am]
[ mood | impressed ]

Thanks for the get well wish from my fans. I feel a little bit better now. ^__^ I wasted most of my vacation lying in bed, trying to recover from the illness. Sigh. But I enjoyed spending time with my family.

Since I was bored, I read some of the books that Tetsuya bought for my reading pleasure in my sick bed. One of them was Yuki Eiri's novel "COOL." I was kind of curious why everyone was praising him and all that. I was sure that he sold his books by his look. Guess I shouldn't judge a book by its cover ... I hate it when people assume that I can't play keyboard well just because I have pretty purple hair.

That guy can write ... O.o

I have no idea what the heck a transparent writing style meant (as the critics call it), but I kind of liked his stories. His romance was tear-jerking. (not that I cried over it, mind you.)

And I kind of enjoyed his explicit bedroom scenes too ...

Um I guess maybe I should keep an eye out for his next novel ...

No, I'm not turning into a fan of Yuki Eiri. Absolutely not.

I'm just an fair-minded woman who admires talent when I spot it, even though I may not get on well with the said person. That's all. *nods*

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[11 Oct 2002|12:55am]
[ mood | sick ]

I caught a cold.

I think the stress and everything from the past few months has finally worn me down. I let down my guard completely when I got home. Well, the evil illness attacked me the moment I tried to relax.

Tetsuya is taking care of me as if I were a fragile doll that will break if he stormed around the apartment hard enough. Saki-chan even tried to cook me a meal! Good thing I stopped her before she seriously burned herself.

I felt so loved though. <3 <3 <3

I can't write anymore. My head feels so heavy right now. I need a glass of water. I want to sleep but I can't ... I've been sleeping the whole day already. Maybe I should watch some late TV programs.

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